the saturday night live comedian’s guide to the big apple.

by ali hoffman

What do Kim Kardashian, Barbara Walters, and M.I.A. have in common? Well, not much--that is, until Nasim Pedrad came along. Since joining the cast of Saturday Night Live in 2009, the Iranian-American comedian's quickly become one of the main reasons we tune in every Saturday night. Aside from her dead-on impressions, Pedrad's comedic choices are subtle and smart, often leaving us in unexpected fit of laughter.

So who better (or funnier) to give us a guide to New York City? And no, 30 Rockefeller is not included.

Best place for a late night snack: Employee's Only (510 Hudson Street)

I love Employees Only. "I'll go there for a late-night drink and get an appetizer. They used to have this shrimp thing that was really good, but it's disappeared from the menu!"

Best place to cure a hangover: Five Guys Burger (296 Bleecker Street)

"Five Guys Burgers, definitely.  I'd probably get a hamburger with two patties, with as much stuff as they would put on it. I keep wanting to say 'double double,' but that's In-and-Out. But Five Guys is great. And they literally give you a full shopping bag of cajun fries."

Best Manhattan Boutique: Jessie James (95 Greenwich Avenue)

"I've gotten some good dresses there for the [SNL] after parties. We get to pick what we wear when we say goodbye to the host at the end of the show, so I'm always looking for good dresses.  They also have great chunky jewelry here too."

Best quick get-away: Blue Hill Stone Barns (630 Bedford Road, Tarrytown)

"It's really fun to get a Zipcar and go to Blue Hill Farm for a special occasion. It's such a fancy, cool experience. They literally bring out the most amazing platters of food. You just tell them, 'Here are my dietary restrictions,' and then [they] just run with it."

Best place to dance: Blind Barber (339 East 10th Street)

"It's a speakeasy--during the day it's a barber shop, and at night it's a great bar. Iif you want to get a bunch of girls together and go out, this is definitely the place. I heard their there haircuts are also great too, but I haven't tried it yet [laughs]."

Best PlaceTo Buy Holiday Gifts: Bird Brooklyn (203 Grand Street)

"I love this store so much.  They have a bunch of really cute, little things… like little delicate, gold pieces. But to be totally honest, I do most of that stuff online. Come on, it's so easy!"