Natalie Portman Was A Runaway Bride

all in the name of fashion

Sometimes, even a beautiful lace Dior gown and a chateau wedding isn't enough to make you happy. At least, that seems to be the point of Natalie Portman's latest Miss Dior campaign video. 

Directed by Anton Corbijn, the minute-and-a-half-long clip shows Portman getting cold feet. Before making it all the way to the rose-walled altar, "Miss" Portman turns to her father, apologizes, calmly walks right back down the aisle, and escapes to the lush countryside. Whether or not this is partly because her groom never even bothered to turn around to watch Portman (he certainly doesn't run after her), or because she forgot her veil, we'll never know. But it most likely has something to do with the gorgeous helicopter-wielding model that comes to her rescue.