Natasha Lyonne & Alex Karpovsky Star in Tanlines’ New Music Video

it’s wonderfully weird

by ava tunnicliffe

Tanlines' new video for "Palace" is everything you never knew you wanted in a music video. Written and directed by Girls' Alex Kapovsky and Teddy Blanks as part of the UO Music Video Series and starring Orange is the New Black's Natasha Lyonne, it's the perfect accompaniment to the synth-pop song.

Meandering through different realities, "Palace" follows a recently broken-up couple (Tanlines' frontman Eric Emm and Lyonne) playing with the human obsession of "what ifs?" and the challenge of accepting the present, no matter how painful. But it's not all serious: "Palace" hangs on to Tanlines' playful nature, verging on the absurd by featuring things like a large burlap sack emblazoned with "cocaine" and electrocution by a toaster tossed into a bathtub. It's both ridiculous and confusing in all the best ways possible. 

Sex, drugs, drama, music, and some of our fave TV stars—it's the perfect recipe for one killer music video. Watch the video, made by Urban Outfitters, above.

(via Entertainment Weekly