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    by · September 18, 2013


    In case you weren’t aware, September 18th is National Cheeseburger Day (somewhat of a holiday here at NYLON HQ).  A date on the calendar like this one sparked a bit of an interoffice discussion between the NYLON Digital Staff -- okay, maybe more of a full on debate in which we went around belittling burger joints that didn’t meet our expectations, but you get the point…you have to stand behind your burger! So like any responsible employees would do, we all decided to drop our work, hit the streets, and try to and find the best beef.  Seven burgers later, along with a room full of more ketchup then we realized we could consume, and we think it’s safe to say that we didn’t figure out anything – other than the fact that there isn’t really a bad way to build a burger.
    Every restaurant, walk-in, and diner had their own unique way of making their burger their own.  From veggie to ground beef, the variety was evident.  Some with cheese, some without, and some with toppings that we weren’t even sure belonged on burgers, but somehow, it all worked. See what each NYLON employee had to say about what they bit into HERE. But before you do, we thought we should warn you: if you’re hungry, you shouldn’t be reading this.

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