5 products to celebrate national doughnut day

the most delicious trend

by nylon

Today is National Doughnut Day, and so we're singing our praises to the nommiest of culinary trends. Whether you're a Old Fashioned purist or a matcha-infused adventurer, we rounded up a collection of doughnut-inspired clothing and accessories that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Click through the gallery to see our top picks, then head over to the NYLONshop to pick some up for yourself. 

Gasoline Glamour, cake by the pound sunglasses, $120, available on the NYLONshop.

Jane's tiny things, donut box midi ring set, $35, available on the NYLONshop

JazRox, love at first bite, $26.70, available on the NYLONshop.

Valley Cruise Press, donut lapel pin, $8, available on the NYLONshop

NYLON, donut stop believing, $34, available on the NYLONshop