National Oreo Day with Little Town!!

The ultimate reason to stuff your face!!

by Josh Madden

National Oreo Day with Little Town

While you were all sleeping, we spent the entire night drafting a document declaring March 6th to be a national holiday due to the fact it's National Oreo Day.

This popular cookie was first created in New York City back in 1912 and we decided to pay tribute to this legendary snack the only way we know how: by going all out. Our bros at

Little Town

in Union Square had us come through to try their new secret dessert menu they're rolling out today in honor of National Oreo Day. These California natives grew up with "animal style" burgers and fries, and with that in mind, they're bringing "carnival style" to the dessert table.

Take two fried Oreos, put a scoop of ice cream in between, and you have an ice cream slider...or to these innovators, you have some fried Oreos, Carnival style. Served Neapolitan style, you get all the heaven that is fried Oreos presented in a new world al la mode style.

Round up your crew and head over to 

Little Town

for some burgers and beers, then impress that girl you've been wanting to impress by ordering these tasty treats off the secret menu. When you get her number you can thank Yung Will and the NYLON Guys by sending a few of these bars boys down to SoHo. Check out the entire Little Town menu 


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for all the delicious updates.

-words & photos by Yung Will( for Chow reviews)