Photo courtesy of Naturi Naughton


Sunday Sizzle: Naturi Naughton Is Feeling Saucy

BBQ sauce, that is.

When summertime finally rolls around, nothing is more fun than the combo of good food, good music, and good company. So every weekend, we’re bringing you BBQ must-haves from the hands of our favorite artists so you can get a real taste of what their lives are actually like. Get your hands on the Sunday Sizzle while it’s hot. 

Singer-songwriter and actress Naturi Naughton is known to steal the spotlight, from her breakout stint as Lil' Kim in 2009's Notorious to her current role as a druglord's partner-in-crime for Starz Network's Power. That's not to mention her contribution to the world of early 2000s pop as the founding member of legendary trio 3LW. But off-screen, Naughton yields the limelight to her barbecue must-have: a sticky plate of ribs.

Her only recommendation? The messier, the better.

"You rarely get a chance to get messy and go all the way in, so when you’re at a BBQ and surrounded by family and friends, you can really go in on BBQ ribs and not have to worry about the mess," the actress says. "How often can you chow down on some good ole’ messy BBQ ribs? Anything with BBQ, I am all for!" 

Barbecue tunes are just as important as grub for the actress and 3LW alum. For Naughton, it's all about '90s jams, like TLC and Notorious B.I.G., the artist whose biographical film she got her acting start in.

"At a BBQ, you kind of get hyped when you hear some '90s R&B and '90s hip-hop. Anything from the '90s, I would put on my playlist," Naughton says. "I love to hear TLC, 'Waterfalls' and 'Scrubs.' With any cookout and BBQ, you have to rock out to Notorious B.I.G."