beauty queen: naya rivera

match point for pink nails.

by steff yotka

Even though I recently celebrated a birthday, I have only gotten older, not wiser, at least on the beauty front. Case-in-point: I just went an entire week with chipped nail polish and unevenly shaped nails. I know, I know, it's a dire situation.

My go-to excuse is that getting perfectly prim nails is really, totally hard -- weekly salon manis will a put a massive dent in your bank account, but cheap DIYs will leave you reapplying daily. Who has the time or money for that?!

Problem solved with Naya Rivera's pointy pink nails. Long nails are prone to breaking, but a rounded point is actually pretty durable and makes you look like a badass. It's fancy, functional, and really easy to attain. All you need is a solid nail file and some pink polish. That's doable, even for beauty slackers like me.

FILE IT: CoverGirl Ceramic Nail File -- $2.67

Don't let the ceramic material freak you out, this nail file will get your fingertips in prime condition. And it's Barbie pink, so it'll match your polish.

POLISH IT: Essie Nailpolish in Watermelon -- $8

We know pink nail polish can be a little scary, but an easy way to get away with it is by going super matchy-matchy, like Rivera, who coordinated her lipstick to her nails to her dress. All pink is so wrong, it's right.

PROTECT IT: Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat -- $7.99

Seche Vite is the absolute best topcoat money can buy. As someone who types for a living, this is the one beauty product a swear by because it can keep a manicure in prime condition for unholy amounts of time.