Watch Now: Peter Pan Live Trailer Released

and it makes me feel weird.

We all know that Girls star Allison Williams has taken on a new role as Peter Pan in NBC's live-action musical version of the classic story, Peter Pan Live! Until today, we've been teased with posters and images of Williams as Pan, but now we've got video clips—score!

But when you hit "play," I want to make sure that you're prepared for what you're about to see: Forget Christopher Walken and Allison Williams as you know them (Captain Koons and Marnie Michaels), because you're in for something...strange.

i09.com titled their coverage of the film's trailer "Singing Pirate Christopher Walken Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving"—and that much is true. We're pretty sure that Walken chose the role to prove that he is awesome, has still got it, and is hilarious (Side note: He actually did get his start in musical theater, as mentioned by Mashable here).

When it comes to Williams, though, it's hard for us to completely forget her as Marnie and see her, now, as Pete. We give the girl major kudos for suiting up and singing her heart out, but it just feels like we're watching one of our best friends walk around, drunk on whiskey, with toilet paper stuck to her shoe.

The film's executive producers, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron—also credited as creators for their previous success The Sound of Music Live!—knew what they were doing when they had Williams come on board, though. In all honesty, she's got the look. We're trying hard to imagine some of our other favorite actors as the leader of The Lost Boys

...Channing Tatum

Ryan Gosling...

...Zac Efron

Joseph Gordon Levitt...

...Leonardo DiCaprio

Bradley Cooper...


None of the dreamy guys from our top lists of actors to be cast in classic roles fit quit as good as Williams does for Peter Pan. So, to Allison Williams, we say, "You're actually awesome." And we'll all be tuning in to NBC on December 4 with a bowl of popcorn and our own bottle of whiskey on hand.