Netflix And Chill Button - Funny Internet Meme

you’re welcome, internet

There comes a time in every meme’s life when it must be laid to rest. And today, we must bury “Netflix and chill” six feet beneath the pixelated earth. Why? Because the digital streaming platform unveiled The Netflix Switch earlier this week, and that means the meme's peak has been reached.

Like Staples’ “That Was Easy” button, Netflix’s Switch promises good times when pressed. In its eyes, good times include dimmed lights, delivery on the way, your favorite programming up on the TV, and a few friends gathered on your couch. Because we all have dirty minds, though, we all know this button is for “Netflix and chilling”—or casual hookups, in case you’ve somehow missed this meme. Anyway, this is a thing that exists and now we must make do. Congratulations, Internet. Now, a moment of silence for the meme. RIP.