Photo via Netflix.

Netflix’s New “Flixtape” Feature Lets You Make Movie And TV Mixtapes


by Lisa Eppich

Netflix has finally solved the problem of having to manually jump between your favorite TV shows and movies with their new feature, "Flixtape", which means now you really won't get anything done, ever.

Flixtape is basically a way to make playlists (or mixtapes) out of all the stuff you love to watch, broken down however you'd like. You can create your own labels and categories and add (or delete) what you want at any time. Plus, you can send Flixtapes out to your buds or your bae, surprising them with things like a playlist of all the Lil' Sebastian episodes of Parks and Rec or all list of all the movies you watched together when you first started dating.

Flixtape also solves the irritating problem of having to fiddle between episodes and shows when you're actually being a responsible adult doing things like cleaning your apartment or cooking or otherwise adulting with Netflix on in the background. It's annoying to have to stop what you're doing to turn off Firefly and turn on that nature documentary about pandas, then go back to what you're doing. Now, you can just make a playlist just for when you're doing chores, which will also help you get 50% less flour or Windex all over your remote or game controller.

Since this is pretty much the one thing you wanted from Netflix since the service began, you're probably ready to dive in and get your own Flixtapes going. However, you might want to take a moment to check out the ones they've pre-made to get a little additional inspiration for how you can group and categorize things. Just saying, the "Best Friends or Frenemies" Flixtape is pretty much the only thing we want to watch in front of the AC during this heatwave. 

(Via Vulture andFlixtape.)