Watch The New Trailer For ‘The Crown,’ Netflix’s New $156 Million Dollar Series

We could be royals

Another day, another Netflix trailer for a series we're really, really excited to see. But alone among Netflix series, this latest—titled The Crown—is reported to have cost approximately $156 million (or 100 million pounds) to produce. That's a lot of money.

Of course, it only takes a few seconds to realize why production costs were so high. The series has a lush, elegant look befitting its subject: Queen Elizabeth II. The Crown will have a 10-episode first season run, and is expected to run six seasons. The first season charts the ascendance of the young queen to the British throne. She was 25 years old when her father, King George VI, died in 1952 and assumed the crown while Great Britain was still in the throes of recovering from the trauma it endured during World War II, to say nothing of the concurrent, steady dismantling of its many colonial holdings. 

While it's clear that The Crown will focus on the queen's status as head of state of the commonwealth countries, it also delves into her personal life, including, notably, her relationship with her husband, Prince Philip. Perhaps it seems obvious that a marriage with such a fraught power dynamic would have its difficulties, but it's never been more clear than when Philip snaps at his wife, "I will not kneel before my wife!" And it's like, okay, sure, except she's also your literal queen, dude. If she says kneel, you kneel.

We must admit, we've never been all that interested in British royal gossip. Yeah, Kate Middleton has great hair and those kids are pretty cute, but we've got enough going on to prevent us from ever being that invested. However, The Crown seems to beautifully balance massive questions of responsibility to society and community with more intimate ones about how a family should be in a way that seems very compelling. Which is why come its premiere on November 4, we'll definitely be watching.