This New App Is Tinder For The Detail Obsessed 


So it seems that the media has latched on to the new dating app called Precisely and billed it as “Tinder for lazy people.” This is a nice idea (we very much enjoy things targeted at the lazy person demographic). It is, however, wrong.

See, Precisely, which got a loving writeup over at The New York Post (yes, that one) uses the familiar, Tinder-like swipe format with a sort of old-school twist. Taking cues from first-gen dating sites such as and OkCupid, it uses multiple filters (200 of them by the Post’s count) to select for things like hair color, politics, booty size, and relative levels of 420 friendliness. In this, it bills itself as a way to make swiping easier for you, to make meeting people and ultimately finding someone to get down to business with faster and speed bump free.

This is one way of looking at it, and it’s a good way. The accurate way to look that this, however, is that this is Tinder for the detail-oriented, data-juggling, rulebook-loving nitpicker. Obviously, we will be using it tonight. Yes, this is the app for sitting at home and finding out just how many good-looking blonde Libertarians are within five miles of you, for finding out which guys and girls are into both yoga and sci-fi films, for seeing who’s allergic to cats and has freckles. 

So, yes, Precisely does sound like a wonderful way to meet who you think is the perfect person for you. More than that, though, it sounds like an amazing source of hours upon hours of second-screen entertainment to monkey with while you’re spending Saturday afternoon in the middle of a Downton Abbey marathon. If used properly, it may keep you so busy that it would obviate the need for dating. In this, it may indeed be the best dating app ever. Download it here. We have.

(New York Post)