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    find your favorite it girl, get a new fall fragrance.

    by rebecca willa davis · October 08, 2013
    While it's easy to describe our favorite people, expressing the way something smells is one of the hardest things to do--especially with fragrances, because let's be honest: While they might smell different, they all smell pretty good.

    So when I noticed that some of the best new perfume launches this fall were either coming from, or represented by, the coolest girls around, it was a lightbulb moment. Maybe I was going about this all backwards--and that the best way to help you find your new scent was to help you find your It Girl spirit and go from there.

    Think of this as a choose your own adventure, fragrance edition: Figure out your vibe, find the face who best matches, and voila--we've got your new favorite fall fragrance. Click through the gallery to get started.
    Tags: beauty, makeup, itgirl
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