New Music November 15

stop everything and check out the coolest new songs this week.

by nylon

Nasimiyu Murumba - "Raise Your Arrow (The Hunt)"

A gorgeous a capella bit and an aching piano riff fold and melt into slick dream pop in this new track by Nasimiyu Murumba, a Brooklyn-based artist who cut her teeth for four years under the tutelage of street performers, voodoo practitioners, and marching band musicians in New Orleans. Needless to say, we're intrigued, and counting the days until her EP Dirt comes out January 24. MELISSA GIANNINI

Lily Allen - "Hard Out Here"

British artist Lily Allen may be lying on a stretcher in her new music video for "Hard Out Here," but her patented use of playfully heavy sarcasm to make yet another social commentary certainly is not. But has her satire gone too far? We think not. In a Weird Al Yankovic takes on Vagina Monologues kind of way, "Hard Out Here" poignantly delivers an upbeat feminist anthem that begs to be sassily sung along to. We'll pop a hip to it. ALEXA PEARCE

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - "Run"

Who knew that a few ah ah ahs could provide an instant Friday pick-me-up? Besides the duo's catchy lyrics, infectious groove, and '80s-inspired keys, the back-up harmonies are what really seal the deal in the Detroit-based band's newest single. Their bold progression throughout the song makes us feel like we're seconds away from breaking out into dance over here at NYLON HQ. Hopefully no one will notice. BANU IBRAHIM

Joanna Gruesome "Tugboat (Galaxie 500 cover)"

Meeting at an anger-management counseling group -- yes you heard that right --  the Welsh five-piece realized that they could channel their feelings into some oh-so-good punch-packing music. The cover kicks it up a notch on the '90s group's original, overlaying even more distorted, saturated guitar for a perfect punk-rock rendition. We're no therapists, but we think things are definitely working out. BI

Eagulls - "Tough Luck"

An echoed, slightly muffled urgency propels this straight-ahead punk-rock rager toward the nearest moshpit, stat. Consider it a late entry into the anthem-of-the-year category. MG