New Notebooks to Get Your Hands On, Stat

10 journals for sassy organizing

by nylon

We know that you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but a notebook can basically tell you everything you need to know about a person from a distance. Journals are the gateway to our souls, serving as the most sacred platform for our innermost thoughts and daily ramblings.

That said, you always want to make sure that your notebook makes the right kind of statement. Literally. Keep it professional with motivating phrases on simple backgrounds or show everyone your true colors with the more playfully biting sentiments. Lucky for you, we've rounded up out top picks for stylish, sassy note-taking. 

Flip through the gallery to view 10 of our favorite notebooks, and be sure to shop all the stationary here at NYLONshop.

DIX IT, Food Notebook, $14.75, available here.

DIX IT, Foods Before Dudes Notebook, $14.75, available here.

Mi Goals, Grey Get Shit Done, $5.99, available here.

DIX IT, Johnny and Winona Forever Notebook, $9.75, available here.

Jac Vanek, Little White Lies Journals, $20, available here.

DIX IT, Namaste Notebook, $9.75, available here.

DIX IT, People to Punch Notebook, $9.75, available here.

DIX IT, Pizza Notebook, $14.75, available here.

DIX IT, Random Crap Notebook, $14.75, available here.

Gypsy Warrior, Cast Spells Notebook, $18, available here.