Are Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Married?

after minaj referred to mill as her “husband” during a concert, they just might be

If there's any truth to Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill's in-concert shout-outs, it seems as though the two are actually married. During the Atlanta stop on Minaj's Pinkprint Tour on August 2, the rappers expressed their adoration for each other before the crowd, with the Philadelphia rapper referring to his girlfriend as both a "tough lil' lady" and "the beautiful-est chick in the game," and Minaj telling the crowd to "make some noise for my fuckin' husband, y'all."

This comes as a surprise, not just because it was the first time the Minaj has referred to Mill as her husband, but also because of the ensuing rap beef between Mill and Drake (Minaj's label mate and close friend) that has led to rumors of the couple—and Mill's rap career—being done for good. With this news, #Omeeka fans can surely rest easy knowing that their favorite couple is still going strong. Unfortunately, we can't exactly say the same for Meek Mill's album sales. 

(Via Vibe)