Nicki Minaj Captures Heartbreak In Her New Short Film

and it made us cry.

Nicki Minaj may have just made us shed a tear, you guys. Just a few days after the release of her new album, The Pinkprint, the rapper has released a 16-minute short film that melds together her songs "The Crying Game," "I Lied," and "Grand Piano." Segmented into three chapters and presented by Beats by Dre, the movie shows a couple (played by Minaj and Willy Monfret) break up and make up—but not before Minaj gets into a car accident and finds herself in the arms of another man (Boris Kodjoe). Unlike her video for "Only"—which depicts Minaj as a powerful, commanding woman—this short film illustrates the rapper in a vulnerable state. 

Despite speculation, Minaj denies that the video was inspired by her real-life breakup with longterm boyfriend Safaree Samuels. After recently ending their 15 year relationship, Minaj told Power 105.1 that although she may be in another relationship now, she is struggling with this new stage in her life. "I don't even know how I'm gonna function without that person in my life," she said. "I've never lived my life as a famous person without him. So I don't even know how to really function. I tell my girlfriends, my best friends, but sometimes I still want to tell him stuff and get his opinion."