nike flyknit air max

we tried them…we love them…

by Josh Madden

nike flyknit air max

While the verdict is still out on the "Do new shoes make you run faster?" question, what we


tell you is that the new

Flyknit Air Max

's did make us run faster this morning.


is a company that was founded on running--and while they continue to experience success in all arenas, from the classic basketball and cross training gear to newer ventures in skateboarding and snowboarding, running will always be a premier focus. With Flyknit being one of the latest wins for the brand both where technology and comfort are concerned, it was only a matter of time before it started to combine it with other Nike specific innovations.

Now, to be completely honest, we've been loyal to our 

Lunar Glide+ 5

's for the last year. Running anywhere between 30 and 50 miles a week in them has made us a little biased to that one style. When the

Flyknit Maxes

showed up on our desk yesterday we were a little skeptical, so we put them on and went out to jump around in the hallway for a minute. While they did have a great feel (like our

Air Max X LeBron lows

), but the running aspect still remained to be seen. In our past experience, other Air Max models were great in the street, but a little too stiff for distance running...that was all about to change.

After spending some good time in these new kicks this morning, here is what we have to say--the

Flyknit Air Max

makes running on the treadmill for an hour feel like jogging on grass. This is the most comfortable run we've ever experienced, with all of the cushioned feel of the full-foot Air Max sole and the light flexible wear of a Flyknit. Running indoors or on concrete is about to change entirely. Nike even included the Flywire technology we loved so much in our Lunar Glides, so there's this indescribable feeling of loose freedom without a lack of support. These shoes are going to get us through the winter, and our only foreseeable problem is that we're going to have to buy a second and third pair to wear outside of the gym.

Check out more on this incredible new advancement in sneaker technology and pre-order a pair 


. This shoe is


's reminder that the brand started with running and even if you're not hitting a treadmill, watch out--because when you put them on your feet you're gonna wanna.