the twilight star and california native knows where to get a cheap thai massage.

by ali hoffman

With the last installment of the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn - Part 2, maintaining its number one spot in the box office, it's hard to think of Nikki Reed beyond her blonde vampire alter-ego, Rosalie Hale.

And don't get us wrong, we totally love her bloodsucking, glamazon character--but that chick's fictional, and we're more interested in the real thing.

Aside from being raised in Los Angeles, Reed's been in the media spotlight for almost a decade now. In addition to her jam-packed acting career, the California girl released an album earlier this year with her husband (and former American Idol contestant Paul McDonald), as well as launching her own jewelry line, Mattlin Era by Nikki Reed. She knows the city's ins and outs, far beyond what you might expect from a young starlet.  She's not spending her days schmoozing poolside at the Chateau Marmont, or shopping for bedazzled undergarments at Kitson on Melrose.  "I have a really weird problem with buying myself clothing," explains Reed. "I have extreme guilt afterwards, so I don't really shop too much for clothing." 

So while she may not know where to get the best deal on a Proenza Schouler bag, Reed definitely knows where to go for the best $39 Thai massage-- and frankly, that's kind of what we're more interested in anyway. 

Best Meal: Cafe Gratitude (639 N. Larchmont Boulevard)

"It's really fun because they name things there, like the “Thank You” bowl or “I'm Grateful” bowl. And they give you a message with your meal, like, “Today the inspirational quote of the day is..blah, blah, blah.” It usually will become a topic of conversation with whomever you're with. They have one particular meal that is free of charge for anyone, so they never turn anyone down for food. It's awesome."

Best Place to See Live Music: Bootleg Theater (2220 Beverly Boulevard)

"I love going to shows there. Paul and I are doing a show there next month. This is our first live show in LA…I'm kind of nervous.  We just put out an album this year.  It's called The Best Part. I'm going to have to invite all my friends or else it'll just be an empty room and us."

Best Place to Go When You Don't Want to Run into Anyone: Neptune's Net  (42505 Pacific Coast Highway)

"I'd go to Neptune's Net in Malibu. I'd eat fried calamari and get a couple of Corona's. Paul can come."

Best Place to Shop for Vintage Clothing: The strip of vintage stores on Ventura

"Paul doesn't like to wear anything that doesn't have stains on it, so we do a lot of vintage shopping. I'm scared to shop for him, but he loves shopping for me. Because he's very metro, he'll buy me vintage and then wear it―like any cool T-shirt he's gotten me, he ends up wearing himself. He actually has a pair of my pants! To be fair, they are boys pants--but they're my boys pants."

Best Place to Buy a Gift: New Stone Age (8407 West 3rd Street)

"You've got to look through all the little corners and at all the little things. But it's really awesome. It's mostly jewelry, but it's a really cool store. Paul got me a really cool ring from there and gave it to me when we played our first talk show a little bit ago. It's great for Christmas presents, too."

Best Place to Go Dancing: El Floridita (1253 Vine Street)

"They have salsa night every Monday.  You don't have to be good, but it may be awkward if you don't know salsa at all. It's basically all of L.A.'s best salsa dancers showing off their moves.  I'm not good, but I can hold my own."

Best Place to Cure a Hangover: Bangkok Thai Massage (17552 Ventura Blvd)

"I don't really drink, so that's a tough one. Just in general, when I recuperate, I go to this Thai massage place on Ventura. It's $39 and it's awesome."