Nine Inch Nails Return With New New Music

It’s the second of three EPs from the band

We knew something new from Nine Inch Nails had to be coming soon. The band is headlining FYF Fest in a couple of weeks and Panorama on July 30. Plus, accompanying the release of the EP Not the Actual Events back in December, the band promised that there were two new major projects to come in the new year. Today, we find out, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross are men of their word.

The band will be releasing a five-song EP, Add Violence, next Friday, July 21. To preface, Reznor and Ross released a rowdy, retro-inspired music video for the song “Less Than” off of the new project. "So what are you waiting for?" Reznor asks on the track. You got what you asked for/ Did it fix what was wrong with you?/ Are you less than?"

Reznor revealed in an email (that Reddit users got a hold of) that the trilogy of EPs is being released “6-8 months apart” so, hopefully, the excitement from these first two are enough to hold over NIN fans until winter. The track list for Add Violence can be found below. Listen to “Less Than,” above.

Add Violence:

1. “Less Than”

2. “The Lovers”

3. “This Isn’t the Place”

4. “Not Anymore”

5. “The Background World”