soap & glory makes skincare scandalous (kind of).

by liza darwin

We love Brit brand Soap & Glory for its retro-adorable packaging, its super-effective facewashes, moisturizers, and hand creams, and the fact that most of the products in the line cost less than $20.

But our favorite part about the company, created by Bliss founder Marcia Kilgore is that its cheeky names like "Sexy Mother Pucker" or "Girligo" are suggestive enough to make our moms blush and sassy enough to make our showers slightly more interesting.

Until recently, we could score a selection of these affordable goods at Target- that is, if you one of the lucky few to catch them before they flew off the shelves.

This month, however, the brand has launched a new deal at Sephora, rolling out about 50 products that you can't find anywhere else. And although we don't blame you if you decide to chuck everything in your bathroom and starting your skincare routine fresh, we suggest checking out essentials like "Clean on Me," "Face Soap Clarity," and "Glow Job" first- and get ready for some good clean fun.

Shop the entire collection here, or at your local Sephora store.