Watch Amy Adams And Jake Gyllenhaal Get The Tom Ford Treatment In ‘Nocturnal Animals’

Prepare for a visual feast

Like Tom Ford’s clothing, his work as a filmmaker is luxurious and precisely tailored. This year, Ford returns to the big screen with Nocturnal Animals, his second major motion picture.

Amy Adams stars as Susan Morrow, an art gallery owner with a troubled marriage. One day, a manuscript written by her ex-husband (Jake Gyllenhaal) arrives on her doorstep. While Morrow’s husband is off on one of his questionable business trips, Morrow dives into the novel, and memories of her past begin to haunt her as the movie goes between present day and a dramatization of the novel. Gyllenhaal also stars as the protagonist in said dramatization.

Critics are already raving about Ford’s vision. The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw considered it to be a “terrifically absorbing thriller with that vodka-kick of pure malice.” The Hollywood Reporter’s David Rooney calls Ford “an intoxicating sensualist and an accomplished storyteller.” Of course, with anything as sumptuously visual as this, there’s bound to be cries of shallow storytelling, which is the case for Time and /Film. But, that means we’ve got a polarizing piece of work on our hands, one that’s blessedly soundtracked by Abel Korzeniowski, the genius behind Ford's first film, A Single Man’s, compositions. 

Nocturnal Animals will, according to the trailer, be out “soon.”