Your November Horoscopes Are Here

What the stars have in store for you this month

by christie craft

The sun smolders in steady, psychic Scorpio as we rise from our death state at the beginning of the month. Oct. 30’s equalizing and ruthless new moon in relentless, hyper-sensitive Scorpio took no prisoners, initiating a series of exorcisms and dramatic deaths coinciding with the Northern Hemisphere’s own death holiday: Halloween, or Samhain. Needless to say, we’re a tad, uhh, hungover from the fiesta.

Taking time to recharge is a smart move because on Nov. 9, aggressive, warlike Mars will hit the road with air sign Aquarius a la Bonnie and Clyde, until mid-December. A fun, mischievous quality will pepper our new connections and flirtations, but more than ever, many will be called to focus their energy on less self-serving endeavors. In true Aquarian fashion, humanitarian issues, technological progress, and global politics will be lit, especially when it comes to benefiting the masses or “greater good.”

Days later, luxuriant love goddess Venus mingles with grounded, capable Capricorn on Nov. 11, casting a glittering pleasantness to business relationships and professional connections for the rest of the month. For many, love and romance of any substantial, lasting quality will need to take a hit of realism and be paused until Venus moves into a less-serious, career-focused sign. You can certainly have fun! Especially when it comes to heating up your sex life. But with all things love and sex, proceed with the caution of sure-footed mountain goat Capricorn.

A luxuriant full moon in Taurus on Nov. 14 brings a close to a vexing financial drain. This full moon will also be responsible for illuminating the boundaries in relationships, either established and existing or nascent and budding, in both business and pleasure. Ride it out— and use your very best judgment along the way — because on Nov. 29, a fiery, goal-oriented new moon in driven, lucky Sagittarius will be the feather in many signs’ caps for the expansive journey ahead. Being realistic, even fatalistic, can be a true asset in the most evolutionary, survivalist sense; after all, you gotta know where your boundaries turn dark. In the last weeks of November, your faith will light an otherwise hazy and uncertain path. Surrender to the process and the journey completely to get the most out of the experience.

Scorpio: Level Up

This is your Season of Power, Scorpio, and the winds of change are blowing up a storm — a tsunami of shifts, even. November’s focus (aside from you, you, you, of course) is squarely on transitions in your domestic life. The first weeks of November are primed for DIY home updates, renovations, or beginning the research process on finding new digs. Either way, your family is likely to play a key role in lending a hand, no matter how hard-headed and stubbornly independent you may feel about going it alone. You’ll need all the patience you can muster on November 9 when your dual ruling planet Mars mingles with nosy Aquarius, getting on your every last nerve in all your endeavors.

A full moon in your polar opposite sign, Taurus, provides an earthy reboot in your chart’s partnership sector on Nov. 14, and it’s probable that you and a partner (either in love or business) will need to reassess your commitment to each other. With Venus supporting you and grounding your emotional decision making, even if you part ways it appears that the separation will be as amicable and peaceful as possible (that’s a sliding scale for you, Scorp). A great distraction from drama? Build up your professional stamina by taking on extra freelance work or side gigs in the last two weeks of the month. By Nov. 29’s new moon in driven Sag lighting up your sign’s earned-income sector, you’ll be drowning in cash 'n' coins. “What goes around, comes around” applies to your financial health. Happy birthday, Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Silver Tongue

Your self-confidence is soaring at the start of November urging you to speak your truth. This philosophical turn is just the primer you need to close out your solar year and begin anew at the end of the month, but be careful, Sag; there’s a high likelihood that you’ll accidentally put a hoof in your mouth and hurt someone’s feelings — or worse, unwittingly divulge private information. Just as many potholes lurk underfoot, you’ve got a fabulous chance of turning the energy around with a positive outcome.

Fiery Mars is lit by intellectual air sign Aquarius from Nov. 9 until mid-December giving you a silver tongue when it comes to negotiations and overall getting what you want. The fierce energy surge you receive might even give you such an authoritative edge in communication that others are truly intimidated by your presence and prowess. That’s fine, though; the (healthy) fear will make your demands impossible to ignore — ultimately, granting your well-deserved wishes by the time the sun’s in your brilliant sign. One tip: Shut your mouth and listen just as much as you speak this month, Sag. You’ve got a lot to say, but balance is key.

Capricorn: Schemin’ Up

There’s a deep wound in your wallet this month, Cap, and feeling uncertain or less-than-confident financially is miles outside of your comfort zone. Spontaneous Mars has basically run off with airy, unpredictable Aquarius in your financial sector, and from Nov. 9 until mid-December, it might feel as if your finances have completely spun out of control. Be careful not to let the little things get under your skin and build into a rash, though; what you put out will come back to you intensely and immediately now, so keep your attitude in check.

Fortunately, you’re such an industrious worker and provider that you’ll likely be able to keep your head above water financially this month due to your strength, stamina, and prolific professional output. Even better, money-minded Venus blends into your earthy, grounded sign on Nov. 11, leaving you feeling and looking more gorgeous than ever. The confidence boost is just the ticket to get you noticed by some sweet honeys around the sensuous, blissful Taurus full moon on Nov. 14. Single Capricorns will have no problem getting dates with the best of the best now, but those dating someone special might discover that they’ve mutually fallen for each other during this lunation. Enjoy the extra closeness with your No. 1.

Aquarius: Fire + Desire

Bless the child who knows themselves and isn’t afraid to test the boundaries of their mind’s capacity. That’s you this November, Aquarius — but like you didn’t know that. You’re feeling yourself — as you should be! — and the extra boost in your confidence will light your entire aura from Nov. 9 to mid-December, thanks to flirty, go-getter Mars entering your sign for the first time in two years. This month, you’re brimming with positivity, enthusiasm, and inspiration to smash whatever you set your sights on, so choose well when it comes to how you expend the excess in your uniquely electric energy.  

Mars’ feisty vibe will very likely leave you feeling much more sexually empowered, not to mention physically alluring, than you have in recent memory. This newfound sexiness will glow like a neon light in Vegas to the eyes of others for the next month and a half, but oddly — in true Aquarian fashion — you’ll buck the expectations and choose to spend the majority of your free time at home in November. Maybe you’ll be with someone significant. But maybe you’ll be alone. Whatever you desire is yours now. Domesticity will be intensely centering and soulful in the days and weeks after Nov. 14’s heartfelt Taurus full moon. A relative may ring in with some brilliant news related to real estate. The intensity will crest to such a level that it might startle you — you’re not having a heart attack and it’s certainly no crisis — you’re just surfing a powerful energy surge.    

Pisces: Third Eye Sh*t

Last month was so drama-filled and intense, you’re basically running on fumes — your spiritual tank is empty, so to speak — in the first week of November. But it’s OK, don’t go crazy with the masochism if you find that you’re energetically (and in some cases, physically) unable to step up to the plate in the first two weeks of the month. Normally, you’d crush the opposition; but right now you need to give yourself a break. Sheesh. Your wisdom lies in your intuition and experience — you know when and where to spend your energy, and where not to now. You can sense that there’s something just beyond the horizon that’s much more worthy of your powerful emotional energy. So, save it.

The near-psychic vibes will crest mid-month on Nov. 14 during the luxuriant Taurus full moon, and you may notice a dear friend sending subconscious messages that they’re interested in taking your relationship to the next level. If you’re down, you’ve got the green light to explore the romantic, physical potential of your connection. Relish the dreamy distraction (and all the excellent sex); the goal-driven Sagittarius new moon on Nov. 29 will bring you to new levels of professional achievement. You know you’ll have to go higher in December — but how? The path is hazy and foggy, but be patient now and have pure faith. Surrender to the journey.

Aries: Real Friends

It’s like you woke up with a Halloween hangover during the first week of the month, but once war god Mars, your ruler, charges into intellectual Aquarius on Nov. 9, you’ll be singing a different song. Now, your social switch has been flipped all the way to 11, and you’ll begin to actively value the connections you make. Networking, rubbing elbows, and being social in a campaign for a greater good (ahem, your career goals) will likely become an urgent focus until mid-December.

That Aquarian energy mixes strangely with your aggressive temperament, so there’s a high chance that you may be called to defend a friend or colleague in court or at work during this period. Or you might find yourself ensnared in a bitter fight with a friend. Don’t lower yourself to the level of petty trolls — move on quick and brush it off. Your real friends will reveal themselves by month’s end. Luckily, luscious Venus moves into money-savvy Capricorn on the 11th, just before a lucrative Taurus full moon on Nov. 14 puts you center stage in the eyes of a boss. You can confidently expect a (big) financial reward for the major gains and career progress you’ve made in the past months and weeks. Rams looking to level up will have their shot at the end of the month, thanks to a super-supportive (and fiery!) Sagittarius new moon on Nov. 29. The path to success might look crooked from your current view, but trust that this new endeavor — likely with an international or publishing focus — will work out for the best.

Taurus: Shoot the Moon

Who needs a life when you’ve got a bangin’ career, right? Right. At least, that’s where your heart’s at this month. And when it comes to smashing your professional goals, you Bulls are in the most enviable position of the zodiac. Venus, your ruling planet personified by luxuriant, romantic Aphrodite, will hold steady in friendly earth sign Capricorn in your career sector from Nov. 9 to mid-December. Entrepreneurial and solo gigs are where you’ve got the edge, and with action-oriented Mars canoodling with brainy Aquarius, you’re bound to use every trick and tool you’ve got stored in the toolbox of your brain this month. Any big changes careerwise are favorable throughout the month, so whatever you decide to manifest is a sure-shot for success.

A luscious full moon in your earthen sign on Nov. 14 indicates the end of one chapter and the beginning of a much more emotionally fulfilling one, romantically. Your nerves might be a wreck around this full moon, but have faith in yourself and your intuition. The fiery Sagittarius new moon on the 29th might have you feeling antsy about pulling the trigger on a new financial investment or arrangement, and while you might feel under the gun, chill out on signing anything until you’ve got all the hard, cold facts. The end of 2016 has something special wrapped in a satin bow for you, Taurus. Just wait.

Gemini: Jumping Off

You (both) are off and sprinting as the month opens with no stopping in sight, so don’t get too cozy with the idea of relaxing. But it’s all in the name of good things, especially when it comes to advancing your career skills and professional education. Lucky for you, action-packed Mars enters your 9th House of Philosophy on Nov. 9, indicating an ideal time to begin a new academic pursuit — or to begin preparing for one. Even with all that stamina, you can’t expect such big changes to take shape overnight; use this month as a sturdy jumping off point to initiate making big moves in the next year. A tremendously fortuitous string of eclipses next year will push you through significant shifts, whether you like it or not.

Moneywise, a sweet little boost in your income is probable after Nov. 11 when sumptuous Venus snuggles up in financially savvy earth sign Capricorn. A forgotten investment, owed debt, or royalty check might fall into your lap near the lucrative Taurus full moon on Nov. 14. If you’re trying to build your credit or business, now’s a brilliant time to apply for lines of credit or loans. With your charm and magnetism vibrating at such a beguiling frequency, it would be hard for anyone to say no. Fresh energy surges to your relationship sector at the end of the month with an invigorating new moon in supportive — and deeply compatible — Sagittarius. Expect the glistening opportunities or the surprise arrival of a new love interest.

Cancer: Stick Together

November opens with a bit of a stressful tenor for your sensitive sign, especially when it comes to surprise financial burdens. Partnered Crabs — either in love or business — will have to come together cohesively to slay this financial Goliath. The tension between you two may be sharp at first, even quarrelsome, but realize that realism and teamwork are the keys to getting through this irritating time. By Nov. 11 when sweethearted Venus moves into steady, capable earth sign Capricorn, you’ll have a greater appreciation for your partner and can expect to enjoy a romantic deepening of your bonds.

A full moon in grounded, lovey-dovey Taurus on Nov. 14 promises an ascension when it comes to a romantic commitment. Cancers playing the field might decide to go monogamous with a special someone, or already committed Crustaceans might make the decision to cohabitate, become engaged, or expand their family. Get that mushy stuff out of your system mid-month, because after Nov. 29’s driven Sagittarius new moon, you’ll want to spend lots of time expanding your professional network and revamping your resume, website, or portfolio. Take care of your health now, too — you’ll need to keep your stamina up in the winter months. There’s money to be made.

Leo: The Odd Couple

Sure, you’re sassy, but a contrarian? Never. Well, except for this month when fiery Mars does the electric slide into inquisitive, intellectual Aquarius — your exact polarity — on Nov. 9, causing quite the upset in your relationship sector. Whether you’re linked in business or love, you’re urged to poke the bear, playing the Devil’s Advocate, and maybe treading a little too carelessly on your partner’s hallowed ground. Maybe you’re bored or feeling stuck in a rut, but shaking things up by picking fights and quarrels is a bad idea this month; your main thing has had your back, so show them you actively value their partnership by making yourself just a tad more sensitive to their emotional needs. Genuine problems can be worked out through dialogue easily when you’re patient this month, Leo — but if you’re trying to turn up the heat, turn up your sex appeal.  

Charming Venus will be soaring in your career sector beginning Nov. 11, lending a pleasantness and ease to working in group projects. Boss Leos in need of a fresh employee or two will find the days surrounding the congenial, uncomplicated Taurus full moon (Nov. 14) golden for selecting the best fit. An unexpected (but well-deserved!) bonus or award recognizing your professional achievements may surprise and gratify you around this lunation, as well. Swingin’ single Cats growing tired of the playing field will have an easy time transitioning into cuffing season with a fiery Sagittarius new moon introducing a new — and realistic — love interest after Nov. 29.

Virgo: Too Wild

You’ve had your ups and downs in the past few months with extraordinary gains in your professional and personal life in October, but November serves a bit of a chaotic dish. Fortunately, you’ve got some powerful aspects in your corner backing your stamina and strength in moving through situations that would otherwise leave you crippled with (emotional) pain. The stress in the first two weeks of the month may fire you up to such an intense degree that you find yourself whizzing through your checklist just to get to the light at the end of the tunnel. Go for it, but don’t you dare sacrifice efficiency — or your standards — for convenience and speed. As if that wasn’t enough, the obnoxious aspects during these weeks provide the perfect atmosphere for beefing with coworkers and colleagues. Maybe it’s a simple difference of opinion on a team project, or maybe it’s straight-up manipulation and leaching. A straightforward conversation will work wonders in shining light on any shadows.

Romantically, a pleasurable distraction awaits after Nov. 11 when sensual Venus links to super-compatible, steady-willed Capricorn. The party vibes reach a sweet climax on Nov. 14 with a luscious, expensive Taurus full moon, so pay very close attention to who you meet now. By the end of the month, a new moon in tremendously driven Sagittarius straps a jetpack to a U-Haul and demands that you follow through on giving yourself a fresh start, domestically.

Libra: Lit Love

Life has been nothing short of hectic in the past few months, no doubt taking a toll on your pleasure and play deficit. The sexual drought ends this month for you, Libra, and aggressive Mars is here to make sure that your physical needs are a priority. Mars is a surprisingly libidinous planet, and for the first time in two years he’s lighting up the area of your chart dictating pleasure, romance, and fun. The sexcapades begin after Nov. 9, so be prepared at all times to get down with your baby boo — or meet someone entirely new.

The love bug has elevated your family and domestic harmony throughout this month, too, so take full advantage of the wealth of opportunities to initiate home updates or plan your holiday vacations and family get-togethers. Applying for a mortgage or a loan? Get your ducks in a row and submit your pristine application in the days immediately after the financially lucrative Taurus full moon on the 14th. Expect an answer by the expansive Sagittarius new moon on Nov. 29, a shining time to sign contracts and legal agreements. You might even have your dream house locked down and ready to host friends and family over the coming holiday season.