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    What the stars have in store for you this month

    by · November 01, 2016

    The sun smolders in steady, psychic Scorpio as we rise from our death state at the beginning of the month. October 30’s equalizing and ruthless new moon in relentless, hyper-sensitive Scorpio took no prisoners, initiating a series of exorcisms and dramatic deaths coinciding with the Northern Hemisphere’s own death holiday: Halloween, or Samhain. Needless to say, we’re a tad, uhh, hungover from the fiesta.

    Taking time to recharge is a smart move, because on November 9 aggressive, warlike Mars will hit the road with air sign Aquarius a la Bonnie and Clyde, until mid-December. A fun, mischievous quality will pepper our new connections and flirtations, but more than ever, many will be called to focus their energy on less self-serving endeavors. In true Aquarian fashion, humanitarian issues, technological progress, and global politics will be lit, especially when it comes to benefiting the masses or “greater good.”

    Days later, luxuriant love goddess Venus mingles with grounded, capable Capricorn on November 11, casting a glittering pleasantness to business relationships and professional connections for the rest of the month. For many, love and romance of any substantial, lasting quality will need to take a hit of realism and be paused until Venus moves into a less-serious, career-focused sign. You can certainly have fun! Especially when it comes to heating up your sex life. But with all things love and sex, proceed with the caution of sure-footed mountain goat Capricorn.

    A luxuriant full moon in Taurus on November 14 brings a close to a vexing financial drain. This full moon will also be responsible for illuminating the boundaries in relationships, either established and existing or nascent and budding, in both business and pleasure. Ride it out—and use your very best judgment along the way—because on November 29, a fiery, goal-oriented new moon in driven, lucky Sagittarius will be the feather in many signs’ caps for the expansive journey ahead. Being realistic, even fatalistic, can be a true asset in the most evolutionary, survivalist sense; after all, you gotta know where your boundaries turn dark. In the last weeks of November, your faith will light an otherwise hazy and uncertain path. Surrender to the process and the journey completely to get the most out of the experience.

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