Now And Then Remake Rumors

’90s girls unite

by landon peoples

Rumor has it that one of the greatest films of all time, Now and Then, is getting a possible remake. Pardon our squealing, but between this film and its sister flick All I Wanna Do, we practically burned a hole in our VCR players as a kids. Can you believe this slumber-party go-to came out 20 years ago? We are all old now. 

The film’s director Lesli Linka Glatter spoke to Vulture about the possibility of a remake: "I'm very friendly with the woman who wrote it, Marlene King, so yes, that has come up," she told Vulture this past week at the DGA awards. "It seems to be [with] this film especially, young women have come of age on it and I love that; that was one of the reasons we made it, there hadn't been anything done about young girls growing up.”

Look—if this turns out to be true, basically only good things can come from it. We can dust off its amazing soundtrack and jam out on our bikes to The Monkees and Stevie Wonder all over again; we can transport ourselves back to teenhood and make friendship bracelets; and we can play those Cosmo quizzes with our girlfriends.

This news comes after previous talk found on Reddit of the film being turned into a television series (which, let’s face it, would be just as cool). Let’s just hope they bring back the original cast (including teen heartthrob Devon Sawa). Never forget: “That’s the day Roberta stopped taping her boobs.”

And if you're somehow unfamiliar with this incredible coming-of-age cinematic triumph, peep the trailer below. (via Vulture)