Photographed by Ricky Michiels


31 Days of DIY Denim: Day 21, Painted Jacket

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NYLON staffers created unique, DIY projects using denim in honor of our annual Denim Issue. Check back here every day of August to see a new project.

What you’ll need:





Medium-sized paint brush



Step 1: Tape off the edges of the back panel of your jacket to prevent the paint from getting on any other sections.

Step 2: Using a ruler and a pencil, lightly draw guidelines roughly 2 inches apart, to ensure that your writing will be straight.

Step 3: Choose a phrase to write on your jacket, and choose it wisely. (You can never go wrong with Chance the Rapper lyrics, by the way.)  

Step 4: Freehand draw the lyrics along the lines using a medium-sized paint brush. No need for perfection here, so words can be cut off, and the edges of the letters can be rough.

Step 5: Let the paint dry for about 10 minutes, then apply a second coat.

Step 6: Let the paint completely dry overnight, then wear your jacket around town and make everyone jealous.