Photographed by Hollie Fernando


Sunday Sizzle: Connie Constance Goes For Some Blood Orange At Her BBQ

Taste these vibes

When summertime finally rolls around, nothing is more fun than the combo of good food, good music, and good company. So every weekend, we’re bringing you BBQ must-haves from the hands of our favorite artists so you can get a real taste of what their lives are actually like. Get your hands on the Sunday Sizzle while it’s hot.

Hailing from across the pond, Connie Constance is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter with a rich voice that will feed your soul. Her most recent single, "Lose My Mind," is a gorgeous, stripped-down tune with intimate lyrics that speak of pure love and devotion.

Since she knows the ingredients to make the perfect song, we figured that Constance would know exactly what you need to host the best barbecue on the block. For her food of choice, she pledged allegiance to potato salad. "It's so yummy when it's homemade with some beetroot and the rest," she said.

As for the music, Constance offered some oldies. "A bit of Craig David goes down [like] a treat. My granddad has the Motown Gold album compilation and it's definitely an easy pleaser at a BBQ."

Of course, if you want to keep things fresh, she insists on blasting Blood Orange's Freetown Sound. "That will be tastier than the food. I can't pick an individual song; for me it's more about the whole vibe," she added.