NYLON’s July Guest Book Ft. Tigers Jaw, Tayla Parx + Charly Bliss

“Say Cheese!”

by nylon

Every day, amazing talent passes through our glittery-pink NYLON doors, from new bands to rising stars to your favorite It Girls. While we could just write their words down, let's be honest... a picture's worth a thousand of them. Here's who visited us.

This July, we ate a ton of hot dogs (and chicken wings!) and spent our time appreciating all the balmy summer nights this month had to offer. But the icing on the metaphorical July ice cream cake came from our talented visitors, who paid a warm visit to our office.

Charly Bliss blessed our ears with their syrupy sweet indie gems, and SWIMM had us riding the waves of our feelings again when they told us all about their upcoming project.

Tayla Parx gave us a new badass cure for our heartache, while Blond Ambition stole our hearts with his shimmering, '90s-inspired tunes. Ultimately, Tigers Jaw turned down the lights and turned up our obsession with them in their latest live performance. 

Click through the gallery below to see our fave artists in action, and be sure to check back next month to see who stops by in August.

Blond Ambition all about that business, baby.

Say cheese, Charly Bliss!

SWIMM should definitely hit up Nicki Minaj for a sweet collab—we'll start the petition!

Uh, Tayla Parx, we NEED that camo suit of yours, like, now.

We got trippy with Tigers Jaw!