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party monster: nylon guys issue launch with norman reedus

hang with our bros at manon!

by nylon

On February 10th, NYLON Guys celebrated the launch of their Feb/March spring fashion issue with one of the coolest guys around, The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus. Arriving for cocktails at the Meatpacking District's Manon restaurant, guests later enjoyed family-style appetizers of Hamachi, Japanese eggplant, and delicious butternut squash ravioli and main courses of Manon's whole grilled Dorado or Amish chicken. Thanks to Smoke Stiks, guests could enjoy their complimentary e-cigs inside. Who doesn't want to party with the likes of Cory Kennedy, Vashtie, blogger Mordecai Rubinstein, blogger Jayne Min, Fresh Off the Boat's Eddie Huang, and the member of NYC-based band, Skaters!? We certainly do! Go ahead, give in to your curiosity and take a peek at our dinner's photo gallery here.

Jayne Min, Vashtie

Cory Kennedy, Norman Reedus, Jaclynn Jarett

Harry Bee, G-Eazy and guests

NYLON Guys Feb/March issue

Norman Reedus and Marvin Scott Jarrett

Mordecai Rubinstein, Frank Colamarino, Josh Madde, William Yan, G-eazy


Mordecai Rubinstein, Harry Bee, William Yam, Guest

Gracileia Morrison, Scott Morrison, Vashtie, Jayne Min,

Jayne Min, Josh Madden, Vashtie


Frank Colamarino, William Wheeler, Vashtie, Eddie Huang

Cory Kennedy, Josh Madden

SKATERS NYC: Michael Ian Cummings, Josh Hubbarb, Noah Rubin

Vashtie, Jaclynn Jarrett