NYLON Guys Summer Music Tour!!


by Josh Madden

We've been working on something for a while, and finally we can tell you about it. So here we go--we're really stoked to announce the NYLON Guys Music Tour featuring Cage The Elephant and Foals and presented by Silver Jeans starts Friday!!

Yeah, we know that it's only two days away and we don't mean to spring it on you, but we had to wait. And even more AWESOME news is that this tour will be on the road until the end of August!

In preparation for this monumental tour we built a whole site dedicated to the bands, the music, and the shows...we even put together a Spotify playlist for you to listen to and get all stoked! Just click HERE to see when the NYLON Guys Tour hits your town and follow Cage The Elephant on Twitter HERE now! Get ready...it's gonna be a RAD summer!

- photo by Andy Hughs