The Heartsrevolution has begun.

by crystal meers

Heartsrevolution left Los Angeles for just a few months over the summer and what happened? “It was like the dark side moved in,” says Lo, the female half of the band and the founder of the Heartschallenger ice-cream truck fleet. It turns out that their pad, a pink-neon lit, mirror and Lucite-filled tree house in Silver Lake that’s complete with hummingbird drawer pulls and a rock cave with mushroom stools, fell to the forces of rats, spiders, and other creepy-crawlies as soon as the duo hit the road, bound for New York City. Chalk it up to typical empty-house-itis, but catch even a smidgen of Lo and Ben’s positively infectious high energy sound, and the idea that they might both exude and attract magical super powers doesn’t seem far-fetched in the slightest.

“We never had a plan to be a boy/girl band,” Lo says. The couple (who won’t divulge their last names) met while they were working at The Standard hotel in West Hollywood. Lo was also running her ice-cream truck business on the side and needed tunes to pump through the sound system. Ben had come from Michigan to try his hand at being in a rock band, and offered to whip up some modern jingles. Not long after that, her riot grrl scene past and his natural drive and inclination for making music started to fuse, and their electro-dance-house-punk freestyle sound began to take shape. “It’s not so much a music style,” Ben says. “It’s more of an energy.” CRYSTAL MEERS

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