Leila Hurst Designed A Capsule Collection For Nixon, And We’re Here For It

Get the full scoop on the collab

The following feature appears in the June/July issue of NYLON.

No one screams surfer-girl goals quite like Leila Hurst. The professional wave shredder has partnered with iconic watch brand Nixon to create a capsule collection of dreamy summer waterproof watches, featuring colors like millennial pink and rose gold, and a stars-and-moon-pattern face. Here, Hurst gives us the details on her collection. 

What drew you to Nixon for this collaboration?

I have always loved Nixon and was so honored to do a collaboration with them. I wanted to do something fun but not too loud. The light pink was perfect, cutesy, young, and fun.

Which style is your favorite to wear?

I love my Kensington! All gold, every day. 

How was working with Nixon different from other brands you’ve partnered with?

I have done a few collaborations with Vans before, but designing watches is so different than shoes! I usually look at prints for collaborating, but for this I didn’t want any heavy prints. That’s why I chose the pink—to make it special but not too crazy.

What inspired this collection? Is there a story behind the stars-and-moon design?

I wanted to add a little special something and noticed that I have a lot of moon jewelry, so that’s why we decided to put a moon on my watch. It was simple and cute and just a little unique. I love little hits like that.

Nixon x Leila Hurst Capsule, $100 to $175, available at Nixon.

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