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#nylonfw: our interview with sara sampaio

she talks fashion week, wardrobe essentials + beauty routines on her way to jeremy scott.

One of our favorite models of the moment, hands down, is Sara Sampaio. With campaigns for VS Pink, Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott, and Mavi Jeans (not to mention a 609K+ following on Instagram and 165K following on Twitter) already under her belt, there's no doubt that this New York-by-way-of-Portugal model is going to do some major things—even more major than her massive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue spread this year.

So when we were given the opportunity to chat with Sampaio on her way from Modellounge x Microsoft to the Jeremy Scott spring/summer '15 show at Milk Studios, we jumped at the chance. After all, how else were we supposed to find out her beauty routine, fall wardrobe checklist, and fashion week surival tips? Here's what we learned from the 23-year-old in the back of the Modellounge x Microsoft Lexus.

Fashion Week

How's your fashion week been going?

Actually really nice, really smooth. I'm only doing one show, Jeremy Scott, we're on our way, so the only stress I have is getting ready for the parties, so it's more fun than stress. It's been the opposite of the rest of my year. I'm usually really busy and flying everywhere. So fashion week for me is the opposite, because I actually can have time to sleep and relax, it's nice.

What has been your favorite piece that you've seen from [Jeremy Scott's new] collection?

He has this really cool dress; it's got flaming skulls. And the shoes are amazing and there are some really nice bags as well. You know Jeremy, he's fun, so his clothes are really fun and you can't take them seriously—you have to have fun with them and just mix them. 

Do you wear Jeremy Scott? 

I have a bit of his stuff and I love the things he does with adidas, especially the shoes with the little wings. His last collection for Moschino was amazing...I actually can't wait to see the next one!


What's your signature model-off-duty look?

It depends a lot if it's summer or winter. I don't really know how to dress for winter, but in the summer, I like shorts, tops, crop tops, high-waisted shorts and jeans. I'm really normal—I don't wear heels during the day because I like to be comfortable and be able to move around easily. I just like it really simple, so jeans or shorts and sometimes in the summer, a really cute summer dress. I tend to go with black and white...sometimes I get a color in there.

Just like everyone. So what's your fall wardrobe essential?

A leather jacket. It's always that.

And who make's your favorite leather jackets?

Balmain—they're just so good; they just fit perfectly.

And who makes your favorite pair of jeans?

Rag & Bone.

What kind of styles do you go for?

Usually skinny jeans. Also, because I'm really slim, I love boyfriend jeans. They're so pretty! It was so hard to find [the ones I'm wearing now] because they just always fit so big on me. Actually this one [I'm wearing] is from Citizens of Humanity. But Rag and Bone makes, for sure, the best jeans. They have these amazing boyfriend jeans, but they don't fit me, they're too big!

I usually go for black jeans, as well. I just like the ones that fit really well and mold to your body—the ones that almost feel like a second skin, but then are still jeans.

Modellounge x Microsoft

We just came from Modellounge x Microsoft. It's such a great concept!

I love it, it's so useful, especially when you're starting in modeling, or you come to New York and are staying in models apartments and they aren't really that nice, or if you don't really know anyone. It's a place you can go and meet other girls in the same situation as you. You can hang between castings; they have food, they have drinks. It's such a great idea and I'm really happy that it's going on so well. I'm really into it and I love stopping by...they have games and it's just fun. It's just for girls, it's just models, and everyone is in the same situation as you.

Have you made a lot of fellow model friends there?

Yeah, especially now that I travel a lot it's hard. Sometimes I would find friends I hadn't seen in a long time and didn't even know were in New York, so that would be fun.


Can you give us a rundown of your beauty essentials?

My skin can get really weird sometimes—I break out sometimes, especially from hair products. So I use my dermatologist's products for some toning and just to make sure I don't break out. With moisturizing, I really like Embryolisse, and I really like the moisturizer Chanel makes because it really makes your skin glow. Makeup I still wear the same ones, like Rimmel. I curl my lashes, put on a little bit of blush. I always do the same makeup, it's just the one I like and I do it, it's quick, and looks good. With makeup, I feel like you should always glow. I don't really like a matte look, except for lips. I don't really like it when the skin looks matte—it needs a glow so it looks young and fresh. 

How do you get that glowing effect?

I usually mix foundation with my moisturizer and just cover up if I have a spot or any imperfections anywhere or if I have bags under the eyes. But I don't use much foundation, so that's usually what I do. 

I'm sure you don't a lot much sleep throughout the year when your running through everything. How do you cover up dark circles and under-eye bags?

During the day, I'll just leave them there because what else am I going to do? Also, I don't like wearing makeup during the day. Even sometimes when I need to go out, I don't like wearing makeup. I just try with foundation and hope that it works, but sometimes I just rock them...I just don't know. It's always something really hard to cover up and for me I don't even know how to cover them up without making me look heavy, so sometimes I'm just like "fuck it."

Have you picked up any makeup tricks from the different makeup artists on set?

Yeah, you always see what they're doing so you always are like, "Ah, okay so this is how they do it," but it's a lot different when you have to do it by yourself. I got really good at doing red lips on myself. 

So what's the trick to that?

You just have to have a really steady hand and you really have to know your mouth and what corners to do. It really helps by contouring with a pencil before and then applying lipstick. So you really have to know your mouth. It also depends if you want something really polished or not. A red lip on me, because I have really big lips, I like it really polished and matte. 

And how do you apply the lipstick?

I put it on a brush. 

Do you put any translucent powder over the lip color?

No, I never use any powder—that's the only thing I really hate, powder, except for blush. I think it really takes the glow out of the skin. I just try to use matte lipstick. I really love MAC Russian Red and it's matte so you don't need to put any powder. Also, you want it matte but not dry. 

What are you hair care secrets?

That's probably the only thing I'm really blessed about, it's my hair. I just wash it, shampoo and conditioner, and that's pretty much it. I just have to have a really have a really good haircut, and just wash it and usually I like to let it dry naturally, so I don't really do much.


What music have you been listening to lately?

I've been obsessed with Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off". It's just so catchy! I show it to my friends and they're like, "Oh my god this is horrible!" And then, five minutes later, they're singing "Shake It Off." Like damn's just so catchy! It puts me in a good mood because its such an easy, fun song, so I like to put it on and just kick it.

What are the classics you can alway go back to?

I love Queen! I grew up listening to them because of my dad, and it's always good to go back to...And Aerosmith and all of those old rock bands.