6 Things Every Cat Lady Needs


    by · August 07, 2015

    Photo by Eric T. White

    If you wake up in the middle of the night panicking about buying kitty litter, you might be a crazy cat lady. And if you find yourself questioning if you love your cats more than you love your friends, you’re probably a crazy cat lady. But if you find yourself missing your mother’s birthday party because you got caught up stroking your cats and whispering about your beautiful future together... you’re definitely a crazy cat lady.

    But don’t worry—being a cat lady is totally chic right now (we’re lookin’ at you, T. Swift). Show off your love of cats by decking out your wardrobe with all things that purr. Because if cats are your BFFs, why wouldn’t you want to show ’em off?

    Flip through the gallery to see the six things every cat lady needs, and shop all the goods here at NYLONshop. We’re paw-sitive you won’t regret it.

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