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    wise words by Mark Samsonovich

    by · July 09, 2015

    Photo by Noah Boskey

    You know Mark Samsonovich’s art: You saw it last week when you were shopping in SoHo, and you saw it last year when his piece “Water the Flowers” went viral. The picture was shared, compressed, and filtered until it looked nothing like the original, but Mark seemed to take it all in stride. “I aim for absolute minimalism with all my work, yet people, collectively, were able to reduce my work down even further and still retain its effectiveness,” he said.

    Samsonovich takes street art to the next level with images and words that will stop you flat in your tracks, the goal to “bring to the surface ideas and emotions that sit at your core, in your subconscious.” Um, woah. But the true beauty of Samsonovich’s art is in its simplicity: Straightforward, unapologetic words adorning uncluttered, clear graphics. Quite frankly, Mark Samsonovich’s art is stunning, and we can’t stop looking at it.

    Check out the gallery for some awesome street art, and shop some of the prints here at NYLONshop.

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