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“Icarus” Comes To Life In O Mer’s New Video

Don’t draw too close to the sun

You know, more music videos should forgo humans altogether. O Mer's new visual for "Icarus" is entirely animated and, honestly, a true joy to spend time watching. Not only is it a stunning visual, with its minimal use of stop-motion and flipbook-style drawing, but it manages to get the song's pensiveness across in ways that would likely come off as contrived if performed by an actual human. 

Meitar Almog brings O Mer's song to life through a white piece of paper and easy black lines. It's a stunning project, weaving dreamlike transformations with the metaphorical problem of flying too close to the sun. "I simply asked for her to listen to the song and to reference the Icarus myth," O Mer tells us of the video's conception. "She came up with this brilliant depiction. It’s a beautiful interpretation of the myth and really captures the Icarus I had in mind when I wrote the song." Lost, a bit lonely, capable of brilliant ideas—that's, at least, how we're reading it.

Watch below.