Happy Birthday Mr. President: A Look At The 10 Times Obama Was Peak Dad

    The ultimate in Dad

    by · August 04, 2016

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    It is no coincidence that the rise in internet popularity of the word “dad” has corresponded exactly with Barack Obama’s presidency. And this despite the fact that Obama in no way is in possession of a dad bod. But so, when we use the word “dad” on the internet toward our friends, it’s a term of endearment, one that’s usually coupled with a slight exasperation; “dad” is recognition of someone who is not cool, but is still awesome; “dad” is someone who would maybe embarrass you in front of your friends by busting out into one of his patented “dad” dance moves, but is also the guy who you call for advice when everything in your life feels upside-down; “dad” is not Jimmy Cooper, “dad” is Sandy Cohen. But most of all: Dad is Barack Obama.

    Here then, in honor of the President’s birthday, are the best moments when Obama was dad.

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