Your October Horoscopes are Here

What the stars have in store for you this month

by christie craft

Us Earthlings have a respite from September’s scatterbrained and hectic energy in October as we’re finally out of Mercury retrograde’s shadowy clutches. Everything seems to go much, much smoother early this month in comparison to, say, mid-September’s madness. Negotiations that made no headway last month and came to a standstill thanks to tricky Mercury will pick up steam considerably after October 7, when the quicksilver god himself is completely out of his post-retrograde shadow period. Legal matters—especially those related to contractual agreements—should be wrapped by October 11 for all signs; Jupiter, god of expansion, abundance, and luck, will link with Mercury in partnership-focused Libra, giving us a serious advantage in business and with financial negotiations. If you’ve been mired in a feud or disagreement, these days are ideal for squashing any beef tactfully and compassionately. Libra’s energy reminds us that diplomacy rules the day, every day.

Keeping it 100 percent real is imperative to moving through the powerful Aries full moon on October 16, and, no matter what, we’ll all be challenged to remain true to ourselves in some difficult circumstances. This lunation is connected closely to Uranus, planet of electric surprises, which can put a jarring twist on any one of your revelations. Others might be shaken by our authenticity and brutal honesty, but their opinion simply isn’t as important as your integrity and strength of character.

Aggressive, action-oriented Mars will crash into deep, dark Pluto on October 19, both in the fastidious earth sign Capricorn, providing the perfect mix for business dealings and agreements. One caveat, though: This energy is powerfully explosive and tempers will rise and bubble at seemingly small irks—or nothing at all—so practice self-restraint. Any major rage eruptions that happen now will be tremendously damaging and difficult to fix. You don’t need that noise in your life.

#ScorpioSeason ends the month with an ethereal, dark connection to all things of the underworld and unconscious mind. Pay close attention to your intuition’s messages at the end of the month near the Scorpio new moon on October 30. You Scorpios and water signs out there will be doused in the most cleansing restart—out of all signs who’ve struggled in this bleak year, you’re the most deserving of an urgent fresh start.

Libra: Get Used to Winning

Last month father of fortune, Jupiter, set up shop in your fair sign, and ever since it’s been raining fabulous opportunities non-stop. Jupiter is the planet associated with dramatic growth, abundance, and expansion, and he’s got his eye fixed squarely on you until October 2017—so get used to winning.

Your powers of persuasion are silkier than ever this month, and you might notice how easy it is to convince others do your bidding, especially after fast-talking Mercury enters your sign on October 7. Jupiter comes back into the picture on October 11, linking with Mercury to ensure that all negotiations turn out in your favor. Collaborative projects will be super successful during this time, too, so take advantage of this opportunity to shine in solidarity. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Love and partnership are the focus after October 16, when the gorgeous and exciting Aries full moon is in your partnership sector. Uranus, who’s associated with surprise, will be linked to this moon, so expect the unexpected when it comes to a (positive) plot twist in your relationship. Could it be a sudden engagement, elopement, or even pregnancy? Anything is possible. Whatever materializes will electrify your bonds, bringing you closer together than you’ve ever been.

Scorpio: Rising from Ashes

Behind-the-scenes conversations and clandestine meetings seem to be all the rage for you this month, Scorpio, especially when it comes to discussions around strategizing important plans you’ve been keeping under your hat. You’re October’s very own, and alone time figures heavily in your day to day this month, either because you’re working on a top-secret project in your personal life or because you’re just too damn busy to do anything else but work. The latter will be especially true of entrepreneurial and self-employed Scorpios. The hubbub will finally cool down and come to completion with the Aries full moon on October 16.

Being busy has a taxing effect on health, and you’ll need to be vigilant in taking care of any troublesome health issues as soon as they arise this month. It’s likely that you’ll take a more naturopathic tact in treatment, and if so, it appears that the results will vastly improve your health. Money presents no problems (for once) this month, and you’ll finally start to feel financially steady after October 18 when money-minded Venus moves into your earned income sector. Not only will you see a boost in your cash flow, but also a big boost in your confidence and self-work. The icing of October isn’t until the 30th—but it’s well worth the wait. You’re blessed with a thoroughly cleansing new moon in your sign to harken your birthday month and wash you of the year’s troubles. You’ve earned your rebirth, phoenix.

Sagittarius: Worship Yourself

Social life is sweeter than ever this month, thanks to your ruling planet, Jupiter, father of abundance and expansion, gracing this area of your chart until October 2017. Get ready to have a packed social calendar and a collection of new friends over the next year! Team sports and group activities are favored after October 7 when chatty Mercury moves into that same friendship sector. Performances, presentations, and public speaking will be brilliantly received, so try to schedule around October 11 for the best possible outcome. You may also sign the deal of your dreams around this date, too.

Romantically, the world is your oyster around the Aries full moon on October 16. Because Uranus, planet of surprise, is linked to this lunation, it’s extremely likely that tantalizing developments in your love life could emerge unexpectedly—much to your delight. Push yourself to move outside of your comfort zone and you’ll be sensually rewarded tenfold. Alluring Venus moves into your fiery sign on October 18, making you more glamorous and gorgeous than ever to everyone you meet. Pamper and revitalize your physical self and appearance during this time—worship yourself as the natural-born star you are. Until November 11, your self-confidence will surge, rebalancing your sense of self-worth to where it should be.

Capricorn: Upper Hand

You’re a magician of environments this month, Capricorn, all thanks to aggressive Mars flexing in your sign, giving you a dynamic edge on all fronts. The command you have over getting what you want—and controlling a room—is uncanny, and will ultimately crescendo on October 19 when Mars collides with Pluto, also in Capricorn, with Scorpio levels of intensity. Expect to be glued to the driver’s seat in all situations—you’re in charge. But that volatile energy has a very dark side and could trigger an eruption of rage in epic proportions mid-month. If you do lose it on someone, it won’t be pretty or easy to repair, so practice as much patience and self-control as possible.

Fabulous news on the professional front arrives near October 11, when Mercury and Jupiter link up in your career sector. Schedule any important meetings with higher-ups for October 16 when an assertive Aries full moon gives you the upper hand in negotiations. Your home life will also improve during this full moon—but not in the way you’d expect. Just go with it and see what happens.

Aquarius: Profound Messages

Crystal-clear communication is your forte, but expect your communication skills to be lit up brighter than ever this month. In fact, your communication prowess will be lit until October 2017, so get ready to have your message heard loud and clear from coast to coast. Studying new and fascinating topics will be a welcome distraction from all the busyness this month, too, especially from October 7 to 24, when brainy Mercury camps out in your Seventh House of the Higher Mind. Take advantage of lucky Jupiter’s link-up with Mercury on October 11 to take a class or attend a group lecture. With such cosmic connections exploding in the sky, whatever you learn is bound to have a profound, even metaphysical and spiritual effect on you for years to come.

On October 16, an Aries full moon signals the end of a major communications, publishing, or writing project. Likewise, you could see the conclusion of important negotiations, especially dealing with the future of your career around this time. Don’t worry, though—a focused Scorpio new moon in your professional sector on October 30 promises a fresh start in your worklife. Get it!

Pisces: Making It Rain

Lady Luck and Father Fortune both shine their light on you this month, Pisces, and financially, you’ll be making it rain—and that’s no exaggeration. Money is a vexing thing for you to deal with normally, but with so much good news coming in non-stop, you’ll have an easy, graceful time bolstering your bank account(s) and ensuring your financial security. Happy developments around an investment or bonus commission will likely pop up around October 7 when quicksilver Mercury moves into your Eighth House of Shared Resources. The news just becomes brighter on October 11 when Jupiter, planet of abundance and expansion, links with Mercury in that same area of your chart. If you recently applied for a mortgage, loan, or credit card, you could hear some wonderful news about your status during this time. Brilliant!

On October 16, a fiery Aries full moon in your Second House of Cash brings even more happy surprises on the financial front. Most likely, you’ll hear news of an opportunity related to a second job or auxiliary gig to boost your income. You’re also shining in the eyes of your bosses this month, too, especially after October 18 when lovely Venus springs to the top of your chart. You’re the darling of every V.I.P. at the end of the month when a focused Scorpio new moon bolsters your professional success.

Aries: Sheer Force

You can no longer live by another’s rules or expectations, and this month provides a full-on reality check, especially when it comes to aligning your core values with your heart’s true desires. No one else can design the perfect life for you but you, and on October 16 a powerful full moon in your fiery sign will be the wake up call you clearly need to light a fire under your ass to take steps to become the most realized, best version of yourself. Though this awakening force might rip you right out of your comfort zone, the revelation will be an energizing, exciting one that pumps you full of zest for life. Just a couple days later on October 18, sweet, sensual Venus will move into the area of your chart supporting new beginnings and relationships, indicating that your closest buds and significant other or partner will be there every step of the way, having your back completely in this exciting new journey into yourself.

Your professional prowess will receive a real boost from your ruling planet Mars when he links up with serious Pluto on October 19 in your career sector. Just about anything you decide to do now will receive incredible support, and you’ll likely be victorious due to your sheer commitment and determination. Be delicate toward the end of the month when your patience may wear thin with those who stand in your way at work.

Taurus: Worth the Wait

Prepare to be busier than usual this month, Taurus, especially when it comes to your work life. Communications-based projects (think: publishing, writing, or sales) will come into great focus professionally, but luckily Mercury, quicksilver god of communication, is set to link up with father fortune, Jupiter, on October 11, keeping you (and all the projects you’re juggling) afloat. The result of your hard work may be highly publicized or distributed to an international audience, bestowing a light of prestige on your reputation.

Teamwork will indeed make the dream work this month, darling Taurus, so remain open to collaboration, especially early in the month. Business-owning bulls will find the first half of the month perfectly poised to hiring new staffers and employees. The fiery Aries full moon on October 18 delivers some positive financial news, likely in the form of a bonus, royalty check, or commission. But the intense Scorpio new moon on October 30 is when you really shine this month, illuminating your partnership sector and likely resulting in a solid commitment. Expect ironclad alliances to be made around this lunation, either as a business partnership or in your love life. Whomever you link to at month’s end will seem heaven-sent.

Gemini: Diamonds and Pearls

Exaggerations aside, expect this month’s fruits to be an actual dream come true—of course, a dream that you’ve been working hard to realize for a long, long time, most likely related to the L-word. Your ruling planet, Mercury, will connect with father of fortune, Jupiter, on October 11 in the area of your chart ruling love and romance, ensuring that diamonds and pearls fall from your lips to your lover’s ear. Not only will conversations between you and your boo be sweet—even poetic—they’ll also be positive and encouraging, and possibly commitment oriented.

All this good news is further bolstered by a big, bright full moon in complimentary sign Aries on October 16 in your 11th House of Friendships and Connections, signaling that everything is indeed coming up Gemini in October. Your dreams and wishes are becoming reality—but not without an interesting, totally unexpected twist, of course. Aside from love (and possibly a pregnancy or children), dreams related to a group project or endeavor are also rosy. Professionally, this aspect works out all the kinks for those with a public platform, especially relating to media. Love and romance planet Venus will move into your partnership sector on October 18, lending your love life a dreamy, ethereal glow. But don’t worry—though the end of the month may feel like you’re floating on a dream, rest assured that what you’re creating now will be long lasting.

Cancer: Haunted Houses

Domestic life, usually your bastion of peace and only respite from an insane outer world, is about to become quite the opposite for you this month, Cancer. Fortunately, all the hectic vibes haunting your home are happy ones. Around October 7, you may be busy hosting out-of-town guests or relatives, or alternatively you could be wrapped up in deliberating on a big decision with your family. Most likely, you’ll be immersed in a real estate transaction, like signing a new lease, purchasing property, or moving. By October 11 when Mars and Jupiter link up, things will settle down optimistically, but don’t sign anything until after this date.

The Aries full moon on October 16 puts you in the spotlight at work with the big wigs, so be ready for a professional award or good, ol’ fashioned praise from an influential higher-up. This full moon is linked to the surprise-a-minute planet Uranus, indicating that you could be up for an unexpected promotion. A prolific new moon in sister water sign Scorpio on October 30 brings brilliance and romance, especially for you single Cancers. Opportunity abounds to meet someone alluring and sexy—maybe even a Scorpio—so be sure to circulate socially as much as possible. It’s time to see and be seen.

Leo: You Can’t Lose

September might’ve been filled with wavering negotiations and indecision on a contractual matter, but October will finally bring a beneficial conclusion to all the uncertainty. Diplomatic energy will start to loosen after October 7, but the wheeling and dealing will really pick up steam on October 11 when quick-thinking Mercury aligns with lucky Jupiter. If you’re dealing with a legal issue or due to sign contracts, be sure to do so on or in the days after October 11 for a glorious outcome in your favor. The legal red tape will finally be wrapped up for good on October 16, when a brilliant full moon in super-supportive fire sign Aries goes to bat for you. You simply can’t lose, Leo.

The mood shifts to the romantic on October 18, when luxuriant Venus beams her brilliant light to your Fifth House of Romance and Pleasure, giving you a welcome respite from the boring paperwork. For the rest of the month, opportunities for fun and frolicking will seem to fall into your lap. Swinging single Leos in particular will be favored by Venus, and the potential to meet someone new skyrockets.

Virgo: On Your Grind

Your sparkling communication skills will be the ace up your sleeve this month, Virgo, and you’ll need all that silver-tongued gift of gab to sell yourself. Lucrative business deals, or simply just negotiations around a well-deserved salary increase are on the horizon, especially in the days between October 7 and 11. Your brainy ruling planet, Mercury, will link with lucky Jupiter during this time, favoring entrepreneurial Virgos.

When the Aries full moon hits on October 16, you can expect some surprising news about an investment or debt. It’s possible that you’ll find out you have more money squirreled away than you thought, providing you with the perfect exit strategy from a nagging debt or loan. Either way, use this determined Aries energy to focus on fattening up your bank account. Hearth and home come into focus after October 18, and you may decide to completely revamp your home. Watch the spending, though—Venus is bound to inspire luxurious (and expensive) taste and blind swiping of the credit card.