official issue XO spring delivery 2

The team that keeps winning…

by Josh Madden

Official Issue XO Spring Delivery 2

Not long ago our friends at XO 

sent over the first look at their fashion collection

, which in true XO/Weeknd form is mysterious and intriguing, to say the least. The team does an incredible job of keeping everything they make from music to visuals, and now clothing completely shrouded until the project is fully developed. In short, these guys don't rely on hype. Rather, they cut a fully realized and executed idea when it's complete and disappear again, until before you know it, the next release is up. It's an admirable practice and everything they make is true to XO aesthetic--simple, clean, and of course, always sexy.

Marking the one year anniversary of The Weeknd's online store, the XO collective celebrated by dropping the second edition of their Spring collection, which includes pieces for the ladies this time around. The updated web space also includes two limited release anniversary tees and an array of headwear.

All pieces will be available online exclusively at

For more information, visit the link or contact

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