oggl by hipstamatic

Because all you really do with your phone is take pictures…

by Christian Lavery

For all you folks out there using smartphones that run on Windows Phone 8, things just got that much better. As of this past Friday, Nokia announced that the photography app, Hipstamatic Oggl, will be available for free in an effort to provide users with an all-inclusive photo sharing service. The app comes with 5 preset lenses and films that can be mixed and matched to capture the perfect photo capable of being uploaded onto Oggl as well Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The Hipstamatic Oggl app can be found free of charge in the Windows Phone Store HERE, but if you really want to showcase your artistic vision, you can choose between two subscriptions that allow access for to an entire archive of lenses and film gear. 60 free days of access will be given to users who download the app and create an account by September 9th. So install the app, start snapping away, and give everyone else the opportunity to experience everything that you do.