oh baby!

good things—and now, diana cameras—come in small packages.

by nylon

Diana F+ cameras have played a big role in our lives, from art obsessions to moments needing instant gratification. (Mine has accompanied me to Bogota, Tokyo, and on a train across Russia.) But now they can play a small role, too. Today marks the launch of The Diana Baby 110. This isn't just a mini camera--it's practically microscopic. It's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the pocket of your skinniest Cheap Monday jeans, or the pouch of your Charlotte Ronson clutch.

Each black-and-blue plastic frame comes with two interchangeable lenses (one is 12mm for ultra-wide shots, the other is the standard 24mm) and a socket for a flash. It complements Lomography's 110 film, which the company revived this past May--the slender rolls are hard to come by if you're not a fan of bidding on expired film on eBay. Each frame is a mere 13 by 17 mm, but they pack a lot of picture into each one. So remember, nobody puts Baby in a corner--not even if it's tiny enough to fit.

Pick up the Diana Baby 110 with the 12mm lens package for $59 here. WANT MORE CAMERAS? WE'VE GOT MORE CAMERAS! Lomo's customizable camera is a DIY dream Wait, it comes in leopard print, too?!? And for beach babes, Roxy's got your photo-snapping back