we test out dakota fanning’s newest project.

by faran krentcil

Summer perfume is a tricky business. It can't be too heavy, or it makes you dizzy. It can't be too light, or it rinses off in the pool. And above all, it has to compliment what's already happening in the air - more blossoms, more haze, and hopefully more adventure. This month, Marc Jacobs launched his latest fragrance, Oh Lola, with all that in mind. It's a lighter version of Lola, the sex balm released last year, and it's got raspberries, peonies, and pear. Sephora says Oh Lola is "flirtatious, charming, and sparkling," but we know better. Like M.A.C's Lip Glass in Underage, this scent has a Lolita vibe that's a lot like forbidden fruit juice. We suspect that's exactly what the MJ crew wanted, especially with Hollywood's newest high school graduate, Dakota Fanning, fronting the perfume's campaign. But even if we didn't love the image of the cloudy-eyed blonde clutching the purple plastic bottle, we'd still suggest using Oh Lola for a hot night out. (And by "hot," we mean... you know... summertime...)

Oh Lola by Marc Jacobs, $48 - $88 at Sephora