Photo via @olivegarden Twitter


Umm, Is Olive Garden Launching A Makeup Palette?

Breadsticks meets bronzer

While Olive Garden is known for its beloved unlimited salad-and-breadsticks deal, it seems like the Italian restaurant chain might be cooking up something new—a makeup palette inspired by its signature dishes—and it’s all of our (or should we say, “olive”?) pasta dreams come true.

Yesterday, the franchise took to Twitter to post a teaser pic of the carb-inspired palette along with the caption, “Okay, so you liked the subscription box… now what about a makeup palette?”—referring to the unlimited breadstick subscription they joked about last month.

Stamped with the Olive Garden logo, the palette features six aptly titled eyeshadows, such as Alfredo Awesome, Fierce Fettuccine, and Spaghetti Sparkle; a Marinara Rouge blush; and last, but certainly not least, the Breadstick Bronzer. We’re not sure if we are loving this idea or if we're just really in the mood for some breadsticks.

The internet, though, is definitely loving it. Fans responded to the tweet with comments like, “I actually need this in my life,” “Please say this is real! I want it now!!” and a few puns like, “Olive-you forever if you make this a reality.” Tarte Cosmetics even jumped into the conversation with talks of creating a Carbonara Concealer (you know, for that extra-creamy formula).

Much to our dismay, this tantalizing palette is fake—for now. If Olive Garden was to actually make this palette, though, would it smell like fettuccine alfredo? What would follow? Marinara lip (bread)sticks? We have so many questions.