See Olivia Wilde’s Fiancé Ask Her If She’s “Dipped Into The Lady Pond”

pure, beautiful torture.

We’ve run videos of lovers, current and past, quizzing their significant others. It can be oh-so mortifying and oh-so watchable (to third parties, of course). Such was the case when one of our faves, Olivia Wilde, visited Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live​ and allowed herself to be subjected to a series of probing, hilarious questions from her “baby daddy” (Cohen’s words, not ours), Jason Sudekis. Click above, and you’ll see for yourself—it’s pure gold. 

The best moment comes when Sudekis grinningly asks Wilde if she’s ever, ahem, “dipped into the lady pond”—a euphemism for experimenting with lesbian relations that we will now be using as often as we possibly can. Wilde’s answer? Well, we wouldn’t want to spoil anything for you. Suffice to say, those two wacky kids deserve each other. We don’t know what Andy Cohen deserves for allowing this to happen.

(via Cosmopolitan)