editor’s pick: it takes two

olsens not-so-anonymous.

by liza darwin

I should probably start this by saying that it's no secret around NYLON HQ that I'm obsessed with the Olsens (exhibit A, B, and C....). I mean, what else would you expect?

I grew up with Full House; in middle school I would look forward to weekends because that meant watching Two of a Kind on ABC's TGIF lineup; and lastly, have no shame--OK, maybe a little shame--admitting that I still own a handful of their movies. 

Although Mary-Kate and Ashley have stepped out of the Hollywood spotlight to focus on The Row and Elizabeth & James, that doesn't mean they're totally MIA. In fact, winning a CFDA award and churning out consistently covetable collections makes this duo even cooler than before.

Besides, just in case you are suffering from Olsen withdrawal on the big screen, there's also Elizabeth! We don't really have to tell you how our former NYLON cover girl is killing it in movies these days.

So no matter where your sister loyalty lies, showcase your Olsen love with this t-shirt. Or if that's not enough, click through our Olsen-approved essentials below. 

NEED: All black everything.

TRY: ASOS Faux Fur Biker Jacket--$79.98

NEED: A perfect crown braid

TRY: See how to recreate it yourself here.

NEED: A closet filled with vintage maxi-dresses.

TRY: Nasty Gal Vintage Maxi--#398

NEED: Smudgy black eyeliner

TRY: Stila Black Eyeliner--$20 

NEED: Black sunglasses

TRY: American Apparel Soph Sunglasses--$35

NEED: Strappy Black Heels

TRY: Sole Society Pumps--$65

NEED: Groomed, full brows

TRY: See our favorite brow-savers here 

NEED: A smooth side braid

TRY: Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil--$18

NEED: Long, curled lashes

TRY: Shiseido Eyelash Curler--$19

NEED: A pink shift dress

TRY: Equipment dress--$225