HOLD. THE. PHONE. Twin Peaks is coming back

to television. for real.

Oh my goddess. Oh my goddess, oh my goddess, oh my goddess. While it has been 25 years since it originally aired and about 15 since I spent my freshman year holed up devouring every episode of Twin Peaks (yes, including the weird Evelyn Marsh subplot), like all things once-sacred, it appears to be getting a revival. An ominous message posted by Showtime and cosigned by creators David Lynch and Mark Frost suggest that it will reappear sometime in 2016. Rumors are circulating that nine new episodes will hit the air, and while 2016 is two years away, we've spent our whole lives in limbo. Or at least, ever since Annie uttered those famous words to Laura Palmer in Fire Walk With Me about poor, lost Agent Cooper.

Never let Twin Peaks go. Ever. Because that is one damn fine cuppa coffee. 

(As an aside, Agent Cooper may be responsible for so many unrealistic ideals many of us have about men because there is no human man that will ever meet his generosity of spirit.)