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colette malouf shares the art- literally- of styling your hair this summer.

by liza darwin

Colette Malouf's hair accessories have had cameos on Gossip Girl, been sported on the runway for Michael Kors and Derek Lam, and if you're anything like us, probably also made appearances on your own head.

After more than 20 years in business, this native New Yorker has steadily conquered the fashion world, one bejeweled hair clip at a time. This season, she's taken cues from the designers themselves by creating sketches starring her own elaborate hairpieces, pins, and headbands.

And because everyone knows that behind every hairstyle is a secret weapon, we've picked our favorite awesome products below, so you can get final result even easier.

So whip out your brushes and take note- summer beauty school is now in session.

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'70s ponytail, featuring Colette Malouf's decorative elastic band.

Low sweep, featuring Colette Malouf's 8 cm wire comb. To get extra volume that's not too poufy, we love Sebas

Serpent twist, featuring Colette Malouf's hairpin. Get straight, easy-to-twist hair with Straight by Bumble & Bumble, an awesome

The Grecian, featuring Colette Malouf's wire comb and headstrap. For wavy texture try the new Playful Texturing Creme Pomade from Got2B. It gives hair a piece-y look without the crunch.