should you booze up your hair?

by faran krentcil

Thanks to a yearlong stint in Scotland, I've been using one of their local secrets - beer shampoo - since college. A lather of lager may seem strange (and yes, it smells a little boozy) but a good beer contains proteins, vitamin b, folic acid, and anti-oxidants, and has been proven to strengthen hair and make it shinier - two things women with all hair types can use. Now Lush debuts a new vegan beer shampoo made from local breweries near their cosmetics kitchens. Called Cynthia's Sylvia Stout, it has all the properties of traditional beer shampoo, along with a 100% animal-free guarantee. (If you're confused, I was too. It turns out many beers use dried fish bladders or gelatin to clarify their brews, although they're employed in such tiny quantities that most beer, if tested, couldn't detect any animal products.) I have curly, thick hair; Liza has wavy, more flaxen hair - we both love this stuff.

Lush Cynthia's Sylvia Stout, $9 - $29 online and in stores Plus: see a preliminary list of vegan beers at Or learn more about how animal products might be used to filter beer at The London Telegraph