benefit’s new duo makes us want to go out tonight.

by ali hoffman

In the world of high school, there was always that insanely fun girl, who goes to every party but still gets straight A's.

In the world of makeup, that girl is Benefit.

On one hand, the company's known for sweet, feminine products like Benetint, the rose-tined lip and cheek stain. And then comes an unexpected twist- like their racy BADgirl mascara- and the good-girl stuff goes out the door.

So it makes sense why we were curious about Prrrowl, which pledges to have both sweetness and sass. Appearing like a double-edged wand, Benefit's new duo isn't your average 2-in-1; its got a subtle, shimmering lip gloss on one end and a daring peacock-blue mascara on the other.

And who said you can't be that insanely fun girl?