One Direction’s 13-Minute Carpool Karaoke Video Is Golden

riding in a car with the boys

Viral videos longer than, like, three minutes are too long. But if it’s One Direction, the people will tune in. Hell, they could film a video of themselves sleeping and people would watch all eight hours of it.

Today, we have a 13-minute-long video featuring the soon-to-take-an-hiatus foursome driving around with BFF James Corden. They go through the band’s hits, talk about the weird things fans do for them, and do a little dance. Corden transforms them into a “proper boyband,” too, because they’ve never been one of those boybands that wore matching outfits and made choreographed videos. At one point they must have stopped at McDonald’s because a fries box pops up near Liam, there’s a burger wrapper near Louis, and Harry begins sipping a drink. A lot happens in the 13-minutes and Corden’s British charm definitely carries the video, but this is probably the closest thing you and I will ever get to riding in a car with the boys.